Little outliner, big vision: Chat with web pioneer Dave Winer

Dave Winer will join us for a Thunderdome live chat at 2:00 pm ET on April 10.

Dave Winer will join us for a Thunderdome live chat at 2:00 pm ET on April 10.

On next week’s Thunderdome live chat, we’ll be talking with Dave Winer, a true pioneer of the web. His blog,, is said to be the oldest online, and through his work with RSS, XML-RPC, and content management systems, he has left a technological legacy that continues to undergird much of the Internet today. Dave has also been a commentator on the news industry for a good portion of his career, such as through his podcast collaboration with Jay Rosen on Rebooting the News and writing like this Nieman Lab post on the need for journo-programmers.

Dave’s latest project is Little Outliner. Announced and released last month, it’s the first product of his new company, Small Picture, Inc. As the video embedded below shows, the app does just what the name implies – it lets users quickly build outlines of ideas by way of a lightweight, HTML 5-based tool.

What you see now though is just “the appetizer,” as Winer puts it. Small Picture will use Little Outliner’s technology (background here) as the core of more sophisticated outlining products that will allow networks of outlines to be built with OPML and served on any device, in any context, with whatever connectivity is available. It’s the type of product whose value proposition isn’t tied up in advertising or marketing opportunities, but rather in its ability to improve the lives of users… It’s the type of product Winer knows best, and the type of product he thinks newspapers should be creating for their readers.

Dave and I will be chatting about all this and more in our conversation next week. If there are topics you think we should address, leave them in the comments and we’ll be sure to include them. And remember, if you missed our earlier live chats, you can always find the archives at

Join us for a live chat with Dave Winer at 2:00pm ET on Wednesday April 10.

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