This week’s headline winner and an active voice reminder


We have an improvement to one of last week’s style notes and, of course, a new headline winner to announce.

Style note
After last week’s suggestion to use “being investigated” in place of “under investigation,” our data editor Tom Meagher reached out with a superior suggestion. “Being investigated bugs me,” Meagher said. “Too passive. How about “Police are investigating?”

This is definitely the best approach, because it’s the most active voice. If you can’t make it work in a headline, brainstorm other ways to summarize the story. Whatever you do, though, please don’t use “under investigation.” It is simply not correct.

That clarification wraps up this week’s tip. We also added more words to the list of words we hate. Please welcome these to the list: mulls, slated, irks and bolster.

Winning headline
Pizza delivery and other awesome drone possibilities - by Dan Lewis

Other contenders
5 pantry items that will save you from ordering takeout - by Matt Grisafi and Dan Lewis
These twin panda cubs will steal your heart - by Jillian Sederholm
You think you know climate change. You don’t. - by Jason Fields
What are the new Obamacare deadlines - by Ryan Beckwith

What the judges have to say
The judges are provided with an optional text box every week so they can give additional feedback. Sometimes they’re creative. Sometimes they’re just funny. Feedback this week:

“Cupcakes” and “Pizza. Pizza is delicious.”

Previous headline tips:

Join the discussion:
What are other headline habits, like “under investigation,” that need to just stop? What words are missing from the words we hate list?

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