Berkshire Eagle staffers put Pinterest to the test

pinterest_logo_red copyWhether you’re an avid pinner or not, you’ve probably heard a friend say, “Don’t worry, I saw it on Pinterest.” But is the recipe she’s talking about actually worth your time?


Berkshire Eagle staffers  put the social media network to the test with their latest project titled quite simply “I saw it on Pinterest.

Eagle Digital Features Editor Lindsey Hollenbaugh coordinated with staffers Tom Tripicco, Francesca Olsen, Stephanie Zollshan, Jenn Smith and Laura Lofgren to figure out if some of the most popular pins are actually worth a repin.

From tackling pesky grout to making Lemon Crinkle Cookies, Hollenbaugh said each staffer took a different pin from Pinterest, tried it out, documented the outcome with a Tout and rated it.

Check out the project and let us know what you think. What pins would you put to the test?

Sarah Glen

By Sarah Glen

Sarah Glen is a features producer at Project Thunderdome. Her responsibilities range from writing and editing stories for web production to researching and designing data-driven interactives to performing and analyzing audience research.

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