Salary comparison wins the week, and check your pride

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The winning headline this week is about money, and pirates. Of course it won!

Thing to know this week
It’s a quote that reinforces why we care about headlines: “When readers are lured in, and rewarded for their curiosity with good content, everyone wins,” writes Steve Hind, a strategy consultant, in a column published by the Guardian. Called “In defence of clickbait,” the column had a lot of people talking earlier this month, and Hind talked more on the matter with NPR.

“You know, you’ve got to check your pride at the door if ultimately, what you want to do is get as many people as possible to engage with your story,” Hind said.

As always, it comes down to quality content. We have it. Let’s do what we can to get people to it.

This week’s winner
Do you earn more than a Somali pirate? - Global Post (Jacqueline Baylon)

Other contenders
I gave up gluten and here’s what happened - Matt Grisafi
This business suit could save your life - Jillian Sederholm
Why the Philippines are really important to the US - Christopher Dean Hopkins
Meet 11 animals that are the opposite of endangered - Jason Fields

Join the discussion
Do you agree with Hind’s quote on clickbait? What are some sites that have misled you with their headlines? What are some that rewarded you?

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