2 headline winners and an emphasis on punctuation

ON HEADLINES: This week, we cover headine punctuation style and crown two more winners.
ON HEADLINES: This week, we cover headine punctuation style and crown two more winners.

The holiday pushed off last week’s contest, so this week we’re making up for that. Also this week: A drill down on punctuation in headlines.

Thing to know this week
If using punctuation in a headline, be consistent. We produce a lot of headlines that ask a question and then follow with a short statement. The question mark always gets in, but the period at the end of the statement is left off.

For instance, this is incorrect:
Got a question about this? Ask the expert

This is correct:
Got a question about this? Ask the expert.

Last week’s winning headline
How Black Friday went from bad to good to terrible by Dan Lewis

This week’s winning headline
How a tick bite could make you allergic to red meat by Matt Grisafi

Other contenders from last week
The Olympic torch can do some pretty amazing things by Ross Maghielse
Here’s a teddy bear you won’t want to cuddle by Jillian Sederholm
Try watching these pucks come at the camera without flinching by Jeremy Binckes
Why selfies are good for girls by Matt Grisafi

Other contenders from this week
Watch 25,000 teddy bears tossed onto the ice by Jeremy Binckes
Woman fined $140 a day for refusing to circumcise son by Jason Fields
Russians really hate this Louis Vuitton suitcase by Jillian Sederholm
Is a Sriracha hot sauce shortage upon us? by Jillian Sederholm

Every week, deputy breaking news editor Karen Workman awards the best headline written by Thunderdome staff and shares a tip. The ‘best headline’ is chosen by a top-secret panel of anonymous voters. The purpose is simple: To reward headlines that are clicky and shareable. Check out our previous style tips and headline winners.

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