This week’s winning headline divided our voting panel, because Internet

Because, headlines.
Because, headlines.

It’s not often our anonymous panel of judges is split on a winning headline, but that happened this week. Not only were they split, but the judges who voted against the winning headline pointed out that they did not like the construction.

And that contentious winning headline is … 
Congress just held a 2-hour hearing on aliens, because Congress by Amber Phillips

Thing to know this week
The unusual disagreement among our judges prompted me to make this our “thing to know this week.” As journalists, we have a particular love for language and often dislike it when things change. It happens, though.

Last month, Megan Garber of the Atlantic addressed the “because” change, calling it a “distinctly of-the-Internet, by-the-Internet” movement of language. She said the construction conveys focus, brevity and a “certain universality.” Her piece notes that linguists have spoken favorably of the “evolution.”

Should we embrace it, as beings of the Internet, or reject it — perhaps on the grounds of honoring language as it is? That, I recommend, is a question to work out with your editor.

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