On headlines: Know the rules before you break them

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This post marks our last regular headline stand-up, and it wasn’t even all that regular — we were catching up for the past two weeks. Going forward, we hope to reward headline writing once a month, but that will depend entirely on internal nominations.

Thing to know this week
Let’s talk about numerals again. In headlines, you should use them. There is an exception though — zero. We had a headline today that referenced the below-zero temperatures. In this case, “below 0″ looks terrible and worse, it could be confusing. Our internal style guide has been modified.

Kudos to Meg Wagner for winning both weeks!
What it’s like to be gay in Utah - By Meg Wagner
How to know if your card was affected by Target’s data breach - By Meg Wagner

Other contenders from the week of Dec. 26
Watch Dubai blow away every other fireworks show ever - By Jillian Sederholm
Eagles might have caused giant yellow duck explosion - By Michael Topel
These are the most annoying words of 2013 - By Meg Wagner
Tim Tebow finds a new team — ESPN - By Matt Walks

Other contenders from the week of Dec. 18
What Christmas is like in typhoon-hit Philippines - By Meg Wagner
Could there be elves in Iceland? - By Meena Thiruvengadam
Polish Lord of the Rings fan tells train it ‘shall not pass’ - By Patrick Hogan
Too poor for plastic surgery, Korean teens try DIY methods - By Chris Hopkins


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