KitchenPop project wins our first web packaging contest

First packaging winner

We aren’t just rewarding headline writing anymore. This week we had our first winner in one of our new contest categories, Web packaging.

It’s one of four categories we’ll be rotating through for our weekly contest. The others are headlines, cross-team collaboration and under the radar/MVP. We touched on this a little bit in last week’s headline recap.

So what makes a Web packaging winner?
It’s a story that breaks out of the old text-based article mold. It’s more than some text with photos and links. It’s a story that is effectively told in a new medium, a new tool, a new way. This week’s winner, Kitchen Pop, did exactly that.

Not only did the winning team members each get Starbucks gift card, so did the person who nominated them. We have created an internal Google form for nominations. If you’re on the Thunderdome team and don’t know the link, or forgot it, ask Karen Workman. 

THING TO KNOW THIS WEEK (Courtesy of Nelson Hsu)

Graphics can be easy. Think of how to use them inline to help tell stories.

Nelson commented that we tend to rely on photos and text to tell stories, but sometimes graphics, like charts, can tell the story in much more succinct and compelling way.

Some examples:
A tiny taper, in 2 graphs (NPR)
Just as hopes were lifting, a meager growth in payrolls (The New York Times)
Dollar stores are now getting too expensive for many Americans (Quartz)

Tools you can use:
ChartBuilder (Quartz)
Google Charts

Think your story could be tell better by graphics? Have questions about using the tools? Reach out to Nelson at with questions.


Kitchen Pop: 4 ways to make holiday magic with your microwave - By Yvonne Leow, Nelson Hsu, David Freid and Courtney Wells

Nominated by Matt Grisafi, who said: “Amazing work! Really well done, and you can tell they put a lot of time into it.”


How an alleged cavity search is threatening India-US relations - By Meg Wagner

Nominated by Amber Phillips, who said: “Meg did a great job breaking it down into readable chunks with clear sub-headlines that follow a timeline of events. I’ve bookmarked the story to reference next time I have a boring, longer wire story to produce that really isn’t served by putting in tweets/video/photos.”

In Russia, the Olympics could get you out of jail or put you in - By Jessica Glenza

Nominated by Chris Hopkins who said Jessica used Rebelmouse to create a gallery and embed it in Spundge.

4 reasons why pot will have an even bigger year in 2014 - By Amber Phillips

Nominated by Dan Lewis.

Is the War on Drugs over? - By Amber Phillips

Nominated by Mike Topel.

Beth Davidz

By Beth Davidz

Beth Davidz is the special projects editor at Thunderdome and is an award-winning multimedia journalist, with a background in development and design.

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