Karen Workman is Thunderdome’s MVP for January

This week’s Thunderdome contest got meta. In something of a twist, our usual contest host — Karen Workman — was nominated in the MVP category for her role setting these contests up. In the interest of fairness, Karen asked me to oversee the voting and host the stand-up in her place.

How the MVP nominees were chosen
Thunderdome staff was encouraged to nominate a colleague for the MVP award via a top-secret Google form. The nominee must be someone who did good work with little fanfare, or whose contributions were particularly valuable to a recent project. As with our other contests, a top-secret panel of judges choose a winner through a secret ballot. 

The winner gets to take home a Starbucks gift card. To encourage nominations, the person who nominated the winner also receives a gift card.

The winner:

Karen Workman

Karen Workman

Karen Workman, for her weekly headline contest initiative.

Karen was nominated by me, Chris March. (Disclosure: When Karen asked me to host this week’s contest, she was unaware that I was the sly fella behind her nomination.) In the nomination, I wrote:

“She’s shown awesome initiative leading the entire staff on this with minimal fanfare. The concise format of her standup is all killer, no filler, and the weekly tip and award has noticeably impacted the ‘clickiness’ of Thunderdome’s headlines.”

Thing to know this week
We decided to turn the “thing to know this week” piece over to the MVP winner, and Karen chose to share this link from Fast Company on setting goals that she recently found inspiring. Selected quote:

“We should posit and edit when we make decisions to make sure inflated self-views aren’t making us too overconfident and unable to listen to the views of others,” she says.

The other MVP contenders
Chris Hopkins - Nominated by Amber Phillips, who commended Chris for his work on the map in this story.

Kelly Metz – Nominated by Matt Grisafi, who wrote: “Kelly continually jumps in whenever needed, often before she’s even asked to do so. Whether it’s hopping in and doing a killer job while someone needs to be out of the office, stepping in to help train someone or working crazy hours from the West Coast, she is on it.”

John Hendrickson – Nominated by Dan Lewis, who applauded John for braving the elements and trudging into the office on a recent snow day.

Beth Davidz – Nominated by Meena Thiruvengadam for setting a stellar example of how to collaborate with other teams, newsrooms and departments across Digital First Media.

Chris March

By Chris March

Chris March is the community engagement manager for Digital First Media and the editor of Inside Thunderdome. Contact him by email at cmarch@digitalfirstmedia.com or follow his shenanigans on Twitter: @marchmcfly.

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