Our headline contest returns and Donald Trump takes the win


The third week in January brought the return of the headline contest.

Donald Trump is not running for president. Ever. by Amber Phillips
The new contest rules reward people who nominate a winning piece of content, and the person responsible for creating the content. Since Amber did both, she gets double the reward!
We hope more staffers will follow her lead.

Other top contenders

Tip of the week: Don’t forget about photo galleries
Because there is more to journalism than headline tips, we’ve decided to begin expanding our weekly tips to some other areas we regularly deal with. This week’s tip is relevant to story production: Use MediaCenter galleries! Thunderdome staff can select this as an option in Mission Control (our CMS), or you can use an embed code to place them into a Spundge story. Check out Denver Post’s MediaCenter at http://photos.denverpost.com/. If you have any questions regarding Digital First Media’s Media Center, please contact photo chief Tim Rasmussen.

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