The Super Bowl ad factory wins Thunderdome’s web-packaging contest

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Taking home the win for this week’s “web-packaging” contest is Take a look inside the Super Bowl ad factory. It was created by the team of: Courtney Wells, Jeremy Binckes, Angela Carter, Vaughn Hagerty and Brooke Howard.

Breaking news producer Jillian Sederholm nominated the project and said: “This is so much better than just doing an article or listicle of Super Bowl commercials.”

Other contenders

Tip of the week
Want your emails to get read? Put some care into how you’re writing them. Remember that the person, or group, you’re emailing probably has a lot of email to get through. If it’s an email that you’d categorize as “come back to it when I have more time,” you’d be wise to give it a rewrite. Very rarely do we ever “come back to” emails. Here are some tips to break through the clutter:

  • Get to the point immediately.
  • Keep notes as short as possible.
  • Avoid big blocks of text

Those are the really important ones. Here’s a couple more good practices:

  • Insert links into text. It’ll make your communication cleaner and easier to read.
  • If you’re responding to an email that you’re upset about, pause. Let some time pass before you respond.

Here are tips on effective email writing from Forbes and a longer read that I think lends some good advice.

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