Jason Fields doesn’t win much, but when he does …

The tip and nominees for the March 6 Web packaging contest.
The tip and nominees for the March 6 Web packaging contest.

From firearms to assassination to fiery debates, this month’s nominees for Thunderdome’s Web packaging contest blew away the standard text article format creating in-depth, engaging stories with video, photos and graphics.

The big winner this week was Jason Fields. He not only provided this week’s tip and stole the show with his snarky commentary, but took home our first-ever quadruple win, being part of the two winning teams that tied for the win, both of which he also nominated.

Fields said, “I don’t win much, but when I do …”

Winners (tied)

Firearms in the Family put together by, Bianca Prieto, David Freid, Nelson Hsu, Courtney Wells, Jason Fields and Yvonne Leow. Nominated by Jason Fields.

Decoding the Kennedy Assassination put together by Courtney Wells, Sarah Glen, Nelson Hsu, Jason Fields, Yvonne Leow, Daniel Fuentes and Tom Meagher. Also nominated by Jason Fields.

Other contender

This is how Bill Nye the Science Guy debated a creationist produced by Meg Wagner. Nominated by Patrick Hogan.

“It’s not about winning, it’s about beating Meg,” Fields said.

But Wagner beat us all in discovering a new tool, Picfont, which adds text to a photo.

As Wagner said the site “looks kind of sketchy, and it gives you dumb novelty font options, but I promise it gets the job done!”

Hogan called her work “appropriate and powerful and a fresh way to present a story that everyone else was doing.”

Tip of the week – also from Jason Fields

“If a photograph can tell the story, let it.”

Beth Davidz

By Beth Davidz

Beth Davidz is the special projects editor at Thunderdome and is an award-winning multimedia journalist, with a background in development and design.

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