Make smart NCAA tournament picks with help of Bracket Advisor

Whether you are a college basketball expert or novice, our Bracket Advisor tool can help you make educated selections in your March Madness pool.

Thunderdome’s NCAA Tournament tool is up and running, giving you the probability of outcome for any possible tournament matchup. Bracket Advisor’s projections are based on a statistical comparison of teams in the 2014 tournament field to teams from the last 11 NCAA tournaments.


After comparing any two teams, you can click ‘share this matchup’ to spead the word on Twitter.

Bracket Advisor is the linchpin of Thunderdome’s 2014 NCAA Tournament coverage. Each of Digital First Media’s 70+ core sites has a subchannel dedicated to tournament coverage, located at dfm.(propertyname).com/college-basketball, such as

What’s new this year?

Bracket Advisor was one of Thunderdome’s most popular features in 2013, and this year we’ve added a new wrinkle by connecting the tool directly to a functioning bracket. Users who make their picks on our interactive online bracket can get help from Bracket Advisor right on that page by clicking the “Consult BA” text.

Casual college basketball fans can use that prediction to help them make selections right up to the championship game. Hardcore fans may want to dive a little deeper into Bracket Advisor and customize the categories (seed, RPI, conference, scoring margin and more) and the rank order of those categories to come up with an even more insightful selection. Once your bracket is complete, print it out and submit it to your pool!

Want personalized help from Bracket Advisor? He (or she, we’re not saying) is available on Twitter, @BracketAdvisor, to respond directly to your pleas for help.

Good luck to your favorite teams in the tournament — and to you in your pool!

Gary Kicinski

By Gary Kicinski

Over the past 14 years, Gary Kicinski has held the top digital sports position at the nation's two largest newspaper companies.

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