Julia Prodis Sulek, Sean Hiller and Matt Goul win February Tout Bout

We have three Tout Bout winners to applaud in conjunction with the Feburary DFMie awards: Julia Prodis SulekMatt Goul and Sean Hiller.

Julia Prodis Sulek, Bay Area News Group

Sulek of the Bay Area News Group wins the Tout Bout for her viral video of runners detouring from a race course to shake hands with a veteran cheering them on. The video, which was played on TV networks, has more than 1.4 million views.

A judge’s comment:

Her Tout brought tears to my eyes, and I think represents why we do what we do as reporters. She was on the ground, amongst “the people,” capturing spontaneous moments as they happen. If she had been standing at the finish line waiting for the race to end, she would’ve missed this moment entirely.

Matt Goul, York Daily Record

The York Daily Record’s Goul wins for his GameTimePA basketball buzzer-beater video, capturing the in-bounds pass, the winning shot and the resulting celebration (one of three buzzer beaters nominated).

A judge’s comment:

The video tells a complete story with action and emotion.

Sean Hiller, Los Angeles News Group

Hiller of the Los Angeles News Group wins for his “Kelp Watch” video about marine biologists studying local effects of the damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant.

A judge’s comment:

Professional video and camera work, great editing, nice multi camera angles and great explanation by speaker.

Two errors and Tout Bout hits “pause”

The selection of three winners instead of the usual selection of two Tout Bout winners in a month is a result of two errors — one by me in including with the February nominations a March video nominated by a colleague of the journalist and one by an editor who nominated a video in the wrong category.

After conferring with other top Digital First Media editors, we decided to recognize all three videos as Tout Bout winners, without categories. All three earned strong praise from the judges.

We’re also going to suspend the Tout Bout contest at least for March, while editors consider whether to make changes in the awards and how to coordinate judging and announcements after my departure from the company.


Judges for the February DFMies and Tout Bout were the January winners (including representatives from staff winners): Daniel Tedford, Daniel Aitken, Harrison Sheppard, Dana Bartholomew, John McCoy, Carolina Garcia, Miriam Vasquez, Tom Tripicco, Nathan Mayberg, Ben Garver, Dave Boucher, Matt Murphy, Marcus Costentino, Stephanie Metzger, Eric Bonzar, Sarah Kuta, Kevin Johnson, Zack Ponce, Karl Mondon, John Valenzuela, Jim Harrington, Chuck Barney, Julie Jag and Stephen Baxter.

Steve Buttry

By Steve Buttry

Steve Buttry is Digital Transformation Editor for Digital First Media. He oversees our efforts to transform newsroom operations and culture to more effectively pursue our digital goals. His duties include responsibility for social media and community engagement. He has visited most DFM newsrooms personally, leading workshops and coaching editors and other journalists in following the Digital First approach.

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