Mission Statement:
To empower local newsrooms.
Shared Values:
  • Collaboration
  • Quality
  • Agility
  • Credibility
  • Transparency
  • Tenacity
  • Ambition
  • Humility
  • Creativity
  • Diversity

Thunderdome is central to Digital First Media’s future and will fuel the company’s growth.

Thunderdome is designed to deliver high-quality, non-local content to all Digital First Media newsrooms and, in turn, free local journalists to focus on local content and audience engagement.

Through collaboration across Digital First Media’s newsgathering network, Thunderdome is able to leverage the most-engaging news reports of the day – produced by DFM journalists and through a growing portfolio of media partners – for publication and distribution on all platforms, including web, mobile, apps and print.

Thunderdome is designed to empower Digital First Media’s talented local journalists — from Massachusetts, Minnesota and California to Texas, Colorado and beyond. Collaborative news coverage, story development and project planning allow local newsrooms to leverage resources regardless of geographic boundaries.

During Thunderdome’s launch, all Digital First Media publishing platforms – websites, mobile sites, apps and newspapers – are undergoing redesigns to allow for greater content sharing and to simplify publishing workflow. This design and distribution practice will also create new advertising opportunities that are key to Digital First Media’s sales efforts.

While much of Thunderdome’s central team is located in New York City, every journalist at Digital First Media is part of Thunderdome and key to its growth and success.

Whether journalists, database programs or designers are located in New York or in newsrooms from coast to coast, their skills, creativity and dedication to their craft will contribute to the best Digital First Media has to offer our growing audience of 61.5 million Americans each month.