DFM Spotlight

  • A headline penned by Susan Steade for an article about reports Manti Te'o had been complicit in a hoax.

    Susan Steade wins DFMie for SEO headline writing
    Bay Area News Group

  • Tim O'Rourke

    Tim O’Rourke chosen DFM Copy Editor of the Year
    Bay Area News Group

  • The Denver Post staff, winner of the DFMie for breaking news coverage, among other awards.

    Denver Post Adds DFMie to Awards for Breaking News Coverage
    Denver Post

  • Mile High Mamas

    Mile High Mamas wins DFMie as best community blog
    Denver Post

  • Coverage of the 2012 campaign by Salt Lake Tribune reporters Peggy Fletcher and Lee Davidson earned the duo a DFMie for political journalism.

    Peggy Fletcher Stack and Lee Davidson win DFMie for political journalism
    Salt Lake Tribune

  • Charleston-Daily-Mail-Dec

    Zack Harold wins DFMie for use of social media
    Charleston Daily Mail