Following reporter’s inquiry, a murder confession

Headline: GUILTY: Lomita chef David Viens looking at 15 years to life for murder
Outlet: Daily Breeze
Journalist: Larry Altman
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Larry Altman’s coverage of this story, which spanned a three-year period, began when an elderly resident of Lomita (a town in the Los Angeles area) called the Daily Breeze to report that she didn’t know where her neighbor was — that she was missing, and her husband, a local chef, wouldn’t talk about it.

Altman kept on the story, facing much resistance from the principal man involved, and saw the case turn into a homicide investigation following an interview he held at the suspect’s restaurant. Ultimately, not only was the chef found guilty of the crime, but Altman was first to report that he had also cooked his wife’s remains to dispose of the evidence.

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