Tom McKay and Jeff Neumann win DFMie for design

Colorado Ski Guide
Headline: Colorado Ski Guide
Outlet: Denver Post
Journalist: Tom McKay and Jeff Neumann
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Graphic Artist Tom McKay and Lead Designer Jeff Neumann of the Denver Post won the DFMie for the best design of 2012 for the Colorado Ski Guide

Their editors’ nomination explained the project:

The Ski Guide was the first entry in The Denver Post’s e-book initiative, which repurposes published content to create books for mobile devices. Its sleek and simple design style, showing volumes of content in an ordered, easy-to-understand structure, was among the reasons why it won a November DFMie.

This design by Jeff Neumann and Tom McKay takes the best of print design, with emphasis on order and style, and adds the best of digital design, with emphasis on interactivity and layered information. Readers receive a guide with useful information; DFM gets the blueprint for a new digital future.

Judges explained why this was the design winner:

The Denver Post Ski Guide was an innovative project that integrated a series of stories, user-friendly tips, photographs, maps, and other interactive elements in a beautiful presentation. The design is clean and intuitive, with multiple layers of information embedded within each section. The iPad format allows for a unique experience depending on a user’s needs and interests, and all together provides a comprehensive guide to a local pastime.

Other design finalists chosen by the judges were:

The Colorado Ski Guide also won the November DFMie for the Colorado/Utah cluster of DFM.

Tom McKay

Tom McKay

For the past 15 years McKay has worked as a graphic artist at The Denver Post. Prior to that he was a graphic artist or graphics editor at several newspapers in Colorado and Florida going back to 1986 when the Macintosh computer was still a novelty. “I used to think explaining things with pictures and words was the best thing a person could aspire to,” McKay says. “That was before you could make them truly interactive.”

Neumann was born with white hair in Ohio before man landed on the moon. He grew up in Orange County, Calif., but was “saved” by the first wave of SoCal punk rock in the 70s.

Jeff Neumann

Jeff Neumann

Graduating from the Cal State system with a master of arts in drawing and painting/printmaking, Neumann, naturally enough, went to work for newspapers. He enjoyed the “blue-collar” aspects of creating something every day that would be thrown away the next.

Neumann did short stints at the Los Angeles Daily News, Albuquerque Tribune and Chicago Tribune; then longer stints back at The Albuquerque Tribune (to marry photojournalist Dorothy Milligan) and the Seattle Times. For the last eight years, Neumann has been lead designer at the Denver Post.

He light-rails in to work from a suburban home behind the infamous Columbine High School, where Dorothy, the Replacements (daughter Anica and son Coby) and a mini-Aussie named Brodee complete the team. His hair has darkened to brown.

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