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How we did it: Connecticut superintendents salary map and database

Image of Connecticut superintedents' salary map and database.

Last week, our Thunderdome data team launched an interactive database to accompany a group of stories for Digital First Media’s Connecticut papers. The project examined disparity in public school superintendent salaries. We wanted to walk our readers through the reporting and data collection, as well as the building of the map and database framework that sprang from the stories.

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Nerds among nerds: The Thunderdome data team


One of the many exciting aspects of Project Thunderdome is its commitment to building engaging interactive news applications and empowering our local newsrooms to pursue strong data stories. Now that our data team here is at full strength, we thought this would be a good time to introduce ourselves.

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Public salary database exposes ‘double-dipping’

San Jose Mercury News Database
Headline: 'Double-dippers' rake in public money
Outlet: San Jose Mercury
Journalist: Tom Peele
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Investigative reporter Tom Peele spent more than two years building a database of public employee salaries and benefits. Last month provided Tom a chance to show the San Jose Mercury’s web and print audience just what that database can do.

In a time of dwindling newsrooms, the significant energy and resources put into this project helped expose a practice of ‘double-dipping’ among public employees who drew pensions from one municipality while receiving salaries from another.