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Getting the hang of DocumentCloud

Over the past few months, Thunderdome Data Editor Tom Meagher has been chatting with journalists around the company about DocumentCloud and how it can help you turn that pile of papers under your desk into one hell of a story.

Recently, Tom sat down with the folks on our Michigan data team to chat about DocumentCloud and its killer features. We captured the demonstration in this video.

Did we whet your appetite? Dig into these resources to learn more about working with DocumentCloud.

Have you used DocumentCloud for a story yet? We’d love to see what you’ve done with it. Leave us a comment or mention us on Twitter at @dfmdata.

Pioneer Press examination of public pension ‘spiking’ wins investigative journalism DFMie

Headline: Public pension 'spiking': Overtime hours soar for St. Paul fire supervisors
Journalist: MaryJo Webster, Mara Gottfried, Christopher Magan and C.J. Sinner
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Four reporters from the Pioneer Press win the DFMie for investigative journalism for their reporting on public pension “spiking” by St. Paul Fire Department supervisors.

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