Chris March (Community Engagement Manager)

Chris March

Chris March is the community engagement manager for Digital First Media and the editor of Inside Thunderdome. Contact him by email at or follow his shenanigans on Twitter: @marchmcfly.

Mr. March's responsibilities include oversight of Digital First Media's engagement and live content strategies, day-to-day management of Thunderdome's primary social media accounts and Inside Thunderdome.

Previously, Mr. March played a key role in the development and management of Thunderdome's communication and support hub, Mission Control, which is responsible for publishing Digital First Media's non-local content to the company's 800+ multi-platform products.

Before joining Thunderdome in 2012, Mr. March served as the AME of Disruption for Digital First Media's Connecticut region and held key roles in the launch and daily management of award-winning projects The Citizens Agenda (EPPY winner) and Digital Ninja School. His career with the company began in 2007 at The Mercury in Pottstown, Penn. He began his journalism career covering pop culture and rock music.

March was raised in the suburbs of Philly and earned a B.A. in journalism from Pennsylvania State University. He lives in Brooklyn, and is an aspiring (and very amateur) homebrewer.

- Chris has helped lead, coordinate and produce a variety of live blogs for Digital First Media's national content channels, including the 2014 Oscars liveblog, this Q and A with Jim Cramer, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics live tracker and this Black Friday liveblog.

- Chris oversaw communication operations, technical assistance and distribution of content during Digital First Media's national coverage of the Newtown tragedy in December, 2012.

- As one of the team's original hires in August 2012, Chris was instrumental in communicating Thunderdome's initial goals and capabilities to Digital First Media newsrooms and Thunderdome's new hires.

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