Laura Cochran (Content & User Experience, Lifestyle Channels)

Laura Cochran

Laura Cochran was tasked with defining the content strategy for lifestyle channels published across Digital First Media's network of local news dot coms.

Navigating new tools, technologies and audiences is her strength. She is a constant guardian of the user experience and an evangelist for improving the experience design across all our storytelling platforms.

Prior to joining Digital First Media she was a user experience manager for Gannett’s network of newspapers and websites where she designed research strategies and developed prototypes for new ways to engage audiences outside of Gannett’s core.

Laura’s career was influenced and shaped by her early career experiences serving as a liaison between reporters, editors, designers, and multimedia producers at the Commercial Appeal and For breaking news, as well as enterprise and investigative reporting, she worked closely with every department, determining which channel was best suited for each situation. What she found was missing in these conversations was the user’s voice.

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