Michael Corones (Technology Channel Manager)

Michael Corones

Michael Corones is the technology channel manager for Digital First Media’s Project Thunderdome.

Prior to joining DFM, Mr. Corones spent two years freelancing on a range of topics including WordPress blogging, search engine optimization, digital personal brand management and responsive Android app development.

Mr. Corones previously served as Web producer at stateoftheusa.org, where he developed templates, feeds and data visualization content and oversaw social media engagement, search engine optimization and site metrics.

Mr. Corones began his career in digital media with a decade-long stint at Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, where, as a member of the technology and operations departments, his jobs included newsroom trainer, Web developer and technical helpdesk member. As part of the washingtonpost.com editorial department, Mr. Corones produced and edited content for 10 different sections as well as being a member of the newsroom’s tools team and an occasional blogger.

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