Matt Grisafi (Food and Health Channel Manager)

Matt Grisafi

Mr. Grisafi is the Food and Health Channel Manager at Digital First Media which reaches more than 57 millions Americans each month from more than 800 platforms.

Responsible for developing national food and health content strategy at Project Thunderdome, Mr. Grisafi was instrumental in coordinating a partnership to bring US News & World Report's Affordable Care Act and other health rankings to readers. His Chef Chats Live chat series allows readers to interact with food TV celebrities like Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, Chopped's Ted Allen and Top Chef's Richard Blais.

A 12-year veteran of Digital First Media, dating back to Journal Register Company, Mr. Grisafi previously served as General Manager and Executive Editor of two groups of publications in the Philadelphia market, helping transform them to digital-first operations.

A Philadelphia native, Mr. Grisafi is also a 15-year veteran of the restaurant industry. A music fan, baseball geek, amateur chef and lifelong foodie, he is currently based in Seattle, Washington.