Troy Turner (Opinion Channel Manager)

Troy Turner is a veteran, award-winning journalist who has served in senior leadership roles for newsrooms large and small, as well as reported from around the world. He received much of his early management training from the New York Times Co. and served in special-project roles for larger publications such as The Denver Post. Much of his leadership reputation, however, came during his stints as senior editor at respected community newspapers in Colorado, Alabama and New Mexico, all of which won numerous awards on the national level.

He has worked in a variety of notable fellowships including from Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University and Washington & Lee University; and he has interviewed numerous world leaders and reported from the trenches in such countries as India, South Africa, Venezuela, Jordan, Mexico and throughout Europe.

Among his journalism honors, he received the 2010 Robert G. McGruder Award, which is the nation’s top newspaper honor for diversity leadership and combating racism. Other honors include a Carmage Wall Commentary Prize, feature and investigative writing awards from the Society of Professional Journalists; and he is the only editor in the country who has led staffs to four APME International Perspective Awards, which is the industry’s top honor for giving local perspective to international news.

He holds a master’s degree with a dual emphasis on international relations and on civil rights, a journalism degree, and he has three children. Troy loves the Rocky Mountains and travel, and baseball. He is the founder of the Glove with Love baseball program that collects used and new baseball gloves and gives them to needy children and Special Olympians.