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Denver Post Adds DFMie to Awards for Breaking News Coverage

The Denver Post staff, winner of the DFMie for breaking news coverage, among other awards.
Headline: Denver Post Coverage of the Aurora Theater Shooting
Outlet: Denver Post
Journalist: Denver Post Staff
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Despite an outstanding year for breaking news coverage for many Digital First newsrooms, the least-surprising choice for a DFMie is in the breaking news category: The Denver Post adds a DFMie to the Pulitzer Prize and American Society of News Editors awards (and others) it won for coverage of the massacre at a theater in Aurora, Colo.

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Diva’s death covered by southern California newsrooms

Headline: Jenni Rivera memorial service
Outlet: Los Angeles Daily News
Journalist: Staff

When Latin singer and Long Beach native Jenni Rivera died in a December plane crash, reporters and editors at the Los Angeles Daily News and Long Beach Press-Telegraph were ready for the intense task ahead of them. The California newsrooms did a great job of breaking the news of her death and memorializing the legacy of the 43-year-old Rivera, who sold more than 15 million albums in the U.S. and Mexico during her career. The work of the reporters and editors in covering the public grieving of her fans was comprehensive, tasteful and worthy of a DFMie

More than 6,000 fans came out to remember Rivera at a public memorial service, but for the thousands of other fans across the U.S. and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, the Daily News provided respectful moment-by-moment coverage in the form of a thorough liveblog of the event. Journalists interviewed fans, captured social media reactions and posted photos and videos from the emotional tribute to “La Diva de la Banda.”

Covering Minnesota’s deadliest workplace shooting ever

Headline: Minneapolis: 5 dead, 4 injured in workplace shooting
Outlet: Pioneer Press
Journalist: Chris Magan

The Pioneer Press responded immediately to a report of a shooting and through various media, including Twitter, write-throughs on the web, photo and video, kept its readers informed throughout the night and the following days.

As the story developed and the death toll became clear, the paper chased all angles of the story, incorporating tried and true shoe leather reporting, public records and database analysis to flesh out a picture of the shooter, his victims and workplace violence in the Gopher State. This is a textbook example of how a news organization can and should cover the breaking story of a tragedy in its backyard