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The Social Media Wire is spreading across Digital First

Full-Screen Social Media Wire on MercuryNews.com

Here in the news business, we tend to work in the realm of reported and verified facts. But readers are increasingly turning toward social media to find their news, using services like Twitter to surface information they haven’t seen anywhere else yet. It’s with that in mind that Digital First Media teamed up with Netherlands-based CrowdyNews to build the Social Media Wire.

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Guidance for journalists on expressing personal opinions

Jay Rosen first expanded on "the view from nowhere" in a 2003 blog post.

A committee of Digital First Media journalists has discussed this extensively, aided by Advisory Board member Jay Rosen, who has written frequently about the “view from nowhere.” The group recommends these guidelines to help DFM journalists and newsroom leaders in deciding whether, when and how staff members should express, or refrain from expressing, personal opinions.

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