EA Cancels Star Wars Game and Cuts Jobs

EA Cancels Star Wars Game and Cuts Jobs. Hey gamers, here’s a scoop for you: Electronic Arts (EA) just dropped a bombshell. They’re pulling the plug on an upcoming Star Wars game, and to make matters worse, they’re laying off about 5% of their global workforce – that’s roughly 670 people.

Star Wars Game Axed

So, what’s the deal with the game? Well, it was still in the early stages of development, but it was supposed to be a first-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe. Pretty cool, right? But now, it’s all going down the drain.

Why the Cuts?

According to EA, they’re doing some “streamlining” to focus on creating deeper and more connected gaming experiences for fans. Translation: they’re trimming the fat to make their games even better.

Tough Times in Gaming

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen job cuts in the gaming industry, and it probably won’t be the last. With funding getting harder to come by and layoffs happening left and right, it’s a tough time to be in the business.

EA’s Plans

EA’s big boss, Andrew Wilson, spilled the beans in a letter to staff. He said they’re starting to break the news to affected employees, and they expect to wrap up the layoffs by summer. He also mentioned they’re scaling back on developing new titles, focusing instead on their biggest moneymakers like sports games and online communities. koin303

Star Wars Gets Axed

In a follow-up email, EA’s entertainment honcho Laura Miele broke the news about the Star Wars game. Turns out, it was being developed by Respawn Entertainment, the same folks behind Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. But despite their talent and hard work, the project got the boot.

More Industry Shake-ups

This isn’t an isolated incident. Just last month, Microsoft announced they’re cutting loose 1,900 people from their gaming division, including some folks from Activision-Blizzard. And now, Sony’s joining the party with plans to axe 900 staff and shut down their London Studio.

The Big Picture

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. Analysts say the gaming industry is still booming, with billions of dollars in revenue and more growth on the horizon. Sure, things are getting more competitive, but that’s just the name of the game.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the takeaway from all this? Well, layoffs suck, no doubt about it. But as we navigate these rough waters, let’s not forget to show a little humanity and kindness to those affected. And who knows, maybe this shake up will lead to even better games down the line.